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Welcome to Magnifique Cosmetic Clinic

Established in 2021, Magnifique Cosmetic Clinic has garnered a wide audience in a short span. With top quality equipment and a holistic range of surgical and non-surgical treatments, we have won the trust of a lot of our customers. We have successfully treated 200+ patients in the last ten months.

With an increasingly chaotic and busy way of life, people have less and less time on their hands to spare. To aid that, at Magnifique Cosmetic Clinic, we offer various hair and skin treatments, and promise to bring back your glow!

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Hair Transplant

PRP treatments

Chemical Peeling

Micro Needling

Why us?

● We provide standard treatments with the use of advanced technology. All our procedures are up-to-date, with utmost care taken ensuring maximum safety.
● Using modern equipment, we make sure you feel the least discomfort. Such equipment makes the procedures less invasive, with a reduced downtime.
● With an experience of more than 5 years, our doctor has soaring expertise. Having treated numerous patients, you can be sure to get your money’s worth.
● We make sure our patients get effective results, visible in a short time frame. With minimum recovery time, patient satisfaction is our priority.


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